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Hope for the First Time


"I have a struggling learner who is ADHD and recently found out he has dyslexia. I didn't know what exactly it means to be dyslexic, nor did I know what to do or how to help him. He was really having a hard time in school and could not read at all when the rest of his peers could. A relative shared a video with me by Dr. Rebecka of Cherish Children Ministries, and after watching the video I felt so hopeful for the first time, and I actually became excited about the information I learned from her. I wanted to share it with everyone I knew. Dr. Rebecka makes helping kids with learning disabilities seem so natural and easy. There is so much good information she shares that not only teaches you how to help your child, but also to embrace your child. The exercises she recommends doing with your child are effective and don't take a lot of time to do, and my son has fun doing them. He has no idea that they are improving his brain, and are not just silly games to play. I continue to do them and I continue to share her program with family, friends, teachers and even medical experts. I am thankful for the opportunity of getting all the info she gives."

Hopeless to THRIVING


“When I made the decision to bring my son to Dr. Spencer, I had reached the edge of how I knew to help him. I felt frustrated and hopeless, and I know that he felt the same. Although my son desired to learn and was excited for school, he struggled with regulation, self-control, and independent work. It seemed that the more I pushed, the more he struggled. In our very first meeting, Dr. Spencer gave me hope. She asked excellent questions that made me feel like she intuitively knew and understood my son right away. Even more impressively, I could tell she was as invested in his successes as I was. Over the next 5 months, I watched as Dr. Spencer connected with my son, encouraged him, and helped him find his strengths. As she made that connection, she shared with me how to continue her methods at home. Sadly, I had begun to see my relationship with my son as an accumulation of struggles. Dr. Spencer helped reframe the situation and reconnect with him. He is now thriving and our former days of frustration are only a distant memory!” Adrienne F.--MO

Handwriting Without Tears

Hannah -- MO

Before I found Dr. Rebecka with Cherish Children Ministries, my little one struggled every single day with handwriting. He was in tears every day. No matter how hard he tried, he just could not form his letters correctly and could not make his letters straight. Even though I knew there were other methods of teaching handwriting, I really wanted my son to learn the conventional method. After I found Dr. Rebecka and started doing all of the exercises she delivers so well, my little one loves writing AND we no longer have tears. His handwriting is beautiful and he gets compliments on it from his teachers. Thank you, Dr. Rebecka, for equipping parents like me to help my own child at home with ALL of the materials I could ever want and TONS more!

Easy to follow step-by-step plan with COMPLETE training from Dr. Rebecka. She leads every step of the way with over 6 hours of sessions and ALL the materials YOU need to GET RESULTS that LAST! STOP Struggling and Get THRIVING TODAY!

Each lesson is specifically designed to walk you through every single step to determine how to strengthen the needed areas for your child or student. Dr. Rebecka works with kids from across the globe and has over 17 years of experience. She connects with parents and educators equipping them with EVERYTHING needed to get success with struggling learners. You will define if your child has a left or a right brain weakness, assess for the weak areas, and learn the strategies and methods needed to GET RESULTS. Not only do you GET ALL YOU NEED in an EASY step-by-step plan to GET your learner THRIVING, but also ALL these VALUABLE Result Making bonuses! Nine complete sets of the MOST EFFECTIVE flashcards with ALL the exercises and activities you need. The illustrations are beautiful, bright, and exclusive for this course.

  • Bonus material

    Ready and easy to use flashcards for your very own toolbox: just download, print on cardstock and you are all set. Card sets contain full color brilliant engaging series of effective cards. Card included in this package: -Brain Exercise Cards -Primitive Reflex Exercise Cards -Rhythm & Crossover Cards -Most LOVED Auditory Processing Cards (EXCLUSIVE) -Sound Discrimination Cards (EXCLUSIVE) -Sensory-Motor Exercise Cards -Visual & Directionality Exercise Cards

  • Bonus material

    The Cherished Learner easy to use lessons to determine the way your child learns best, and easy to to use materials to strengthen the way they learn.

  • Bonus material

    Tons of printables including all assessments for your child/student, refrigerator charts, vision & directionalaity charts, Six (6) Keys to Success, Primitive Reflexes, and so much more!

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